Opening Night Documentation
Written by Robert Eckstut   
Tuesday, 28 October 2014 21:29

Hello all - it's been a long offseason! I can't say I dislike summer, but my real passion is the turn of the season to fall, since that means my previous NBA is here. Like last year, (and the year before) I wanted to submit all my predictions on paper prior to opening night/first tip-off. Appears this year I cut it close to the buzzer, but that's all good. Unlike last year, I am not separating the conferences into 2 different blog posts. Read on for my team predictions!


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Kevin Love
Written by Robert Eckstut   
Saturday, 26 July 2014 12:32


Some folks in the Twittersphere (and perhaps in the NBAverse, in general, if we can presuppose the connection between Twitter and the casual NBA fan) feel as though Kevin Love is overrated. They ignore his All-NBA 2nd team appearance this past year and instead cast doubt over whether or not he's a true superstar. I often feel as though that nomenclature is silly and unwarranted, but if Kevin Love isn't a superstar in the NBA, that means only Kevin Durant and LeBron James fit the bill. Some would perhaps say that's presenting a false dichotomy, but what I really mean by that, is Kevin Love is the 3rd best player in the NBA.

I want to attack the flaws of Kevin Love. Kevin Pelton recently wrote favorably of KLove in his insider piece found here ( which dealt with the potential trade of Andrew Wiggins (and a few additional contracts and side assets) for Kevin Love. I don't want to touch on that here (I think it's a no-brainer for the Cavs, and I hope for the rest of the league they do not make this trade!) but instead I want to combat the myths of Kevin Love.



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The Real End of Season Awards
Written by Robert Eckstut   
Saturday, 12 April 2014 23:08

Hey all. Been a long time since I've written an article. I wanted to write about a lot of topics, but my weekly podcast with Seth Partnow (from pretty much allowed me to exercise my creative demons without actually putting print on paper. Or, well, ink on digital screens. I'm very excited for the NBA playoffs - they're a week away! - but the 7th/8th/9th in the West is very much up for grabs. And interesting. For all other teams, really, this week is just not that important. But what is important is that people with actual votes for various end of season honors cast their ballots, and sometimes publish them. For example: Rick Bonnell, from the Charlotte newspaper, produced his here:

Some of his ballot was fine. I think his MVP vote, coach of the year, and so on were perfectly reasonable. Other votes were downright preposterous - Anthony Davis being 3rd in DPOY while leading his 27th ranked defensive team in minutes for example, is quite the challenge, or Luis Scola a darkhorse candidate for 6th man of the year - so I wanted to make my own. Keep in mind I don't have a vote. But here's the thing: My ballot is going to be much better than theirs. With that in mind, some of these awards are sensitive to subjectivity as far as playing personal favorites but also defining what it is the award is trying to measure. So what I want to do is break down each award, what it means to me, and who, in turn, deserves the recognition on the basis of said process. More after the break!

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